Our food for your health!


BOSY vegan candies are made from 100% high quality natural ingredients, completely vegan, gluten free, no added sugar, no preservatives and artificial sweeteners, rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega 3.
BOSY offers six flavors of candy:

BOSY Bulgaria - Rose and Almond Oil
BOSY Africa - Protein Truffle and Salted Caramel
BOSY California - Pistachio and Sunflower Tahini
BOSY Dominicana - Cashews and Coconut
BOSY Moscow - White Chocolate and Raspberry
BOSY Spain - Cocoa and Orange

Who we are?



We are Sanya Gancheva and Boyana Genova - founders of the Bosy brand. In our quest for a healthy lifestyle, practical and scientific work that we have gone through, we have created BOSY, a delicious and healthy alternative to sweets, for every day and at any time of the day.
Sanya Gancheva is a trader, manager and graduate of the University of National and World Economy, who graduated with honors with a Master`s degree in Marketing. With experience in the field of trade, she is the man who built the right trade policy of the company.

Boyana Genova is a marketing manager with many years of experience in the field. Creator of the brand idea and main technologist of recipes. She graduated in economics and is a certified nutritionist in several academies, including "Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics eat right", "Show academy" and others.
Boyana is also the person who creates innovations. Her unique ideas that we implement with the marketing department are our winning strategies.

Our mission is to meet your expectations and through our candies to take your dose of healthy sweetness, getting delicious and healthy ingredients. In this way we satisfy ourselves and meet your expectations by helping you lead a healthy lifestyle, feel energetic and happy and enjoy yourself!

Inspired by places around the world we have visited, we, the founders of BOSY, have created eight unique patented flavored protein candies: BOSY candies are created with a lot of love and attention to every detail, because we do not compromise on quality and taste.

We wish you a pleasant journey!